Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hello world!

Hi everybody!
Let me introduce myself: my name is Enrico Marongiu, I work for Abbeynet and my job is to put Voice Over Web.
I started working with a passion for web-based services and applications in late 1998, during the PhD course on Computer science engineering. In my spare time I produced some simple utilities for students, like online marks publications, exam schedule, course programmes.
It was a very basic CMS, I discovered later.

Then I found myself busy with a job-skills database, called skillbank, which was based on PHP and PostgreSQL.
That was the time I started to sense the power of networking, the web-based interworking capabilities. But it was only a glimpse...

In 2002 I started working for Abbeynet, my first task was to put security widgets on our leading-edge technology called push&speak - no, click2talk - no, web2call - no, web2phone - no, clickandspeak - well, it is now called SiteBell, it's like your doorbell on your site.
People that come and visit you at the work premises, usually ring a bell and announce theirselves before getting into contact with you, don't they? So, why don't you put a doorbell onto your www site?