Friday, June 30, 2006

PhoneGnome API

While reading phoneboy's blog, a news item glittered on the screen: PhoneGnome released its Partner Application Integration API, confirming that the road to interoperable voice applications is paved with good tools.

It is more and more true that the "Telephony network" is going to be a VoIP mashup in the future. And this future is nearer than expected, as VoIP communities peer and interconnect.

What I see in the crystal ball: wi-max, geolocation, web maps, windows mobile, presence based advertisements.

If you want to know more about presence, take a look at this blog: The presence of Presence

Thursday, June 22, 2006


We've been busy. The Firefox component has been "slashdotted", and we are now suffering the Slashdot Effect
You can imagine what's happening now...

Better go back to work. I'm just hoping Italy is winning...

Monday, June 12, 2006

VOWchers are like cherries... VOWcherries!

Hey folks, I've got some new VOWchers for you. Let me remind you how it works:

  1. Grab this number ( 92764206289081407723 ),

  2. go to abbeyphone,

  3. login, (if you haven't an account yet, sign up, it's free and easy, it brings you in with just three steps!)

  4. go to section "recharges-recharge with pin" and put the number into it.

  5. You're going to enjoy long distance calling for about 2 hours, and unlimited, free, video calls with other abbeyphone friends!

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Spy Over Web - An attempt to SOW a new fear?

(Warning: this post may contain an attempt to humor, unplayful and serious people will be seriously affected)

While reading this /. post on intelligence agencies moving to VoIP, I wondered how would evolve the spy scenario if they run into our VOW application and appreciate our mission of making audio-video calls available pervasively on the WWW.

I imagine high management boards of spy agents deciding whether they are going to use a simple Abbeyphone account,
a VOW account to make their own Spy Over Web-SOW application, or if they'd rather buy a Sitebell... well, a secret sitebell of course :-)

Ok... If you don't see me for three days, call the police!

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Friday, June 09, 2006

VOWCHER or Voucher?

Curious... I thought that my free vouchers -sorry, VOWchers- would have been activated in few hours...
The previous two VOWchers are still unwrapped, they have been posted previously here and here in this very blog, feel free to use them.
Here is another one, anyway: 70241522682317856205

Just go to go to abbeyphone, login, go to section "recharges-recharge with pin" and put this number.

You can have a reeeeeally long chat with your friends in Paris, with this VOWcher.


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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another VOWCHER for you

Fancy a free 2-hours call to USA and Europe? Grab this number ( 72453835861272532082 ), go to abbeyphone, login, go to section "recharges-recharge with pin".

If you haven't an account yet, sign up, it's free and easy, it brings you in with just three steps!

Please note: your account will be temporarily blocked if you try to enter a wrong or already used code for too many times. I expect you'll try just once, then :-)

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Free Gift: Abbeyphone VOWCHER :)

I decided to devolve some money to the first reader of this post. By copying this number: 31025054972961380050 into his/her abbeyphone account in the recharges->recharge with pin section , he/she will acquire enough credit to call landline Europe (i.e. London, Paris, Rome...) for nearly two hours!

Since we are talking of Abbeyphone VOW (Voice Over Web), I'd call this a VOWcher. Er... adhering to the VOW theme can produce really bad results! :-O

Please note: your account will be temporarily blocked if you try to enter a wrong or already used code for too many times. I expect you'll try just once, then :-)

Stay tuned for more VOWchers, they will be published here as well as and in other websites!

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Abbeyphone for Mozilla Firefox is buzzing everywhere!

My CEO Luca Filigheddu has had the great idea of building a small team, which works "under the hood" producing smart, innovative prototypes that would exploit the potential of our VoIP platform, named abbeyphone. Their last creation is not a prototype at all, anyway: it's a real application that'll impact the Web, Web2.0, VoIP and VOW markets like a tidal wave.

abbeyphone for firefox extension
The Firefox VoIP extension gives the pervasive-non-invasive availability of a communication device, which provides a brand new Internet experience to users. It's not just a matter of "features", it's a matter of "experience".

Here is one experience I'd like to describe: people go surfing the net, they got caught by some content they are interested on, they want to contact the publisher.
Whether it is a quality bio-ethic food shop, or a classified adboard, or a "what's on" local site, or even your webmail they all have telephone numbers and the usual: "For further information, call xxx-xxx-xxx". Since now, you had to stand up, look for your mobile or landline phone, copy the number, place the call.

abbeyphone for firefox extension example
With abbeyphone for Firefox extension your call is just a click away, and thanks to the amazing rates that abbeyphone provides for long distance calls (no connection fee, true per-second pricing) you're not going to be worried about telephone expenses!

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Gallery V.2

Gallery is a wonderful web application that let you manage photo albums with a high level of customization and extensibility.
zOOm, a component for Mambo, does not.
That's why I changed the location of my photo album, and I updated the link to the VON Europe 2006 photoalbum

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