Monday, July 31, 2006

Net neutrality in Italy

The Net neutrality topic is spreading everywhere, also in Italy and in a non-technological news site ( in Italian).

We've already experienced, with our SIP-based Abbeyphone platform, several problems of "anisotropic" networks (traffic from A to B is more subject to delays and packet losses than from B to A) and of insufficient bandwidth dimensioning of certain Italian service providers.

Moreover, there are several ISPs that offer a customized ADSL router or a IAD with VoIP support... Which blocks all the "clear" SIP packets or, worse, it messes up the SIP headers so that your SIP UA would be useless. That's why we decided to make profitable use of our tunneling capabilities in the event of a malformed SIP response...
Call it sneaky, if you want :-)

I understand the fact that a SP has the right to offer a traffic-specialized connection package (link in italian), that is to say "pay X for normal connection, but if you want ultra fast connection on certain services you are going to pay Y" but I don't see the point of blocking other services. As a consequence of this scenario, providers of poor bundled service will experience customer exodus to other, more "libertarian" providers.

Personally, I am scared of what could happen when IPTV will spread to the mass market...

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