Tuesday, December 11, 2007

SPOCK - Social network Mash Up

It's natural. One is not enough.
Having one TV channel or one political representative or one idea or clothes of one color is not good.
Having kazillions of everything is worse. When it comes to information management, you feel lost.

  • Kazillions of websites
  • Kazillions of blogs
  • Kazillions of Newspapers
  • Kazillion of business directories

Now think about social networks and communities:

OK, don't pretend I write a complete list here. Ask Mashable for that :)

But this time we have a collector. A gatherer. Something really interesting.
It's called Spock.com and it's the "Who's Who 2.0".

Basically, it's an Identity search engine. But this is a simplistic definition.

Spock is actually innovative, and these are the most intriguing features:
  • tag yourself, tag other people
  • spock robot auto-tags you. And it is usually good!
  • build a trust network over more social networks
  • vote whether a tag is relevant or not for that person
  • review and mark relevant/irrelevant tags attributed to you
  • link people by adding tags to the link: "Bob is Alice's [friend/colleague/boss] That's semantic folksonomy!
My advice? Give it a try now!

What's missing? A click-to-call application, like Sitòfono :)