Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Estara more and more on e-commerce

As you already know, eStara is becoming more and more focused on e-commerce solutions and aligned with the incorporating company, ATG.
A clear sign of this is the announcement that the estara blog "Multichannel musings", a fruitful reading for my mind, is going to be merged with the more specialized www.ecommerceinsights.com
To continue bringing the strengths of ATG’s and eStara’s market insights together, beginning February 18, eStara MultiChannel Musings will find a new home within ATG’s eCommerce INSIGHTS blog, since the coverage areas are so complimentary.

This is a clear sign that "action-to-ease-purchase" tools are becoming more and more important.
As Chris Andersen states in his book "The Long Tail", infinite choice is an advantage, provided that you support your customers with tools that give hints and support, without confounding them with a multitude of undifferentiated products.

I think that ATG is doing really well, by providing the powerful combination of recently acquired CleverSet and eStara click-to-call and click-to-chat tools.