Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Mobile Browser Code Reveals a Cornucopia of Applications

I have been too busy last week to get the true value of this interesting news: Nokia discloses the source code of its S60 browser
As far as I am concerned, I see two reasons for this announce to be worth to be read at least twice:
  • the ongoing trend of releasing Source Code, or freely accessible APIs to the public domain. The most important software companies in the world (wide, web :)) appear to be happy with sharing their valued code with others. For Nokia, there is one simple explanation: by opening their code, the Nokia Developer community can build lots of applications at no cost. Consequently, the consumer user base is attracted by the wide range of software products that have been released.
  • the possibility of integrating VOW-Voice Over Web seems to be quite nearer than expected. With little effort, an application that exploits the sofia-SIP stack capabilities and the pervasive presence of phone numbers in the WWW will surely be a best seller (or at least a best downloader) application. Or, do we have to wait for the S60 version of Tapioca?

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