Sunday, May 21, 2006

OpenErnie is out!

As announced by Thomas Howe during the VON Europe 2006 conference, OpenErnie is out!

Frankly, I consider this as a big leap for VoIP and all the surrounding environment.
I am talking about the big network of technical knowledge and expertise that has been steadily growing, a community that is feeded by the communication issues of the WWW in the present days and the future.
It is a society of skilled engineers, social networking experts, artificial life researchers, psychologists -a society that would need those applications for collaborative working and media content retrieval that constitute their very study matter!

But a bunch of them are just thinking of money. As soon as the marketing issue comes in, we have to consider what is worth, who is going to pay and for what, who is going to make money, who receives some kind of value and who consumes the "thing".
As a consequence of this, all the free reasoning ("free": not as in beer) on the social and technical questions is harnessed by business concerns. Progress can then slow down, unless an open and clever alternative development stream keeps working on it.

That is why I praise the OpenErnie project: I hope you, the reader, will give it the attention and the contribution Ernie needs now.

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