Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Free Gift: Abbeyphone VOWCHER :)

I decided to devolve some money to the first reader of this post. By copying this number: 31025054972961380050 into his/her abbeyphone account in the recharges->recharge with pin section , he/she will acquire enough credit to call landline Europe (i.e. London, Paris, Rome...) for nearly two hours!

Since we are talking of Abbeyphone VOW (Voice Over Web), I'd call this a VOWcher. Er... adhering to the VOW theme can produce really bad results! :-O

Please note: your account will be temporarily blocked if you try to enter a wrong or already used code for too many times. I expect you'll try just once, then :-)

Stay tuned for more VOWchers, they will be published here as well as and in other websites!

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