Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Abbeyphone for Mozilla Firefox is buzzing everywhere!

My CEO Luca Filigheddu has had the great idea of building a small team, which works "under the hood" producing smart, innovative prototypes that would exploit the potential of our VoIP platform, named abbeyphone. Their last creation is not a prototype at all, anyway: it's a real application that'll impact the Web, Web2.0, VoIP and VOW markets like a tidal wave.

abbeyphone for firefox extension
The Firefox VoIP extension gives the pervasive-non-invasive availability of a communication device, which provides a brand new Internet experience to users. It's not just a matter of "features", it's a matter of "experience".

Here is one experience I'd like to describe: people go surfing the net, they got caught by some content they are interested on, they want to contact the publisher.
Whether it is a quality bio-ethic food shop, or a classified adboard, or a "what's on" local site, or even your webmail they all have telephone numbers and the usual: "For further information, call xxx-xxx-xxx". Since now, you had to stand up, look for your mobile or landline phone, copy the number, place the call.

abbeyphone for firefox extension example
With abbeyphone for Firefox extension your call is just a click away, and thanks to the amazing rates that abbeyphone provides for long distance calls (no connection fee, true per-second pricing) you're not going to be worried about telephone expenses!

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