Thursday, September 21, 2006

VoIP on Nokia E61

Giacomo shows us how to configure Nokia E61 SIP client to use Abbeyphone Voip Service in few steps.
Nokia traces a road on convergence, proposing a client based solution for mobile professionals: whether they are engineers on a construction site, entrepreneurs or sales agents blocked in airports, they will exploit the potential of VoIP as a second line, a second chance, an alternative way of communicating.

Right now, young people can experience new communication forms: nokia has released an interesting application called Nokia Sensor, it is free but unfortunately it relies on a BlueTooth connection between two devices equipped with the same software. What if the application works on a wifi network, thus not limiting to 1-2-1 connections on a very limited bandwitdth like BT does?
What if I can keep communicating with the person I met with the very same application I used to contact him/her previously? What if I can see "status", "emotion", "location"... That is, "Presence"?
I'll call them wireless Venues: I see a potential business for discos and clubs (they need innovation to overcome the curse of boredom young people suffer of), for mobile producers (they sell more phones), for service providers (they provide a wide range of applications).
I think we would not see this kind of applications spreading out in the short-term, but I have the feeling that the act of socializing is more and more technology influenced -and bound.