Friday, September 08, 2006

Online advertising is going to change

A well known italian webzine called ITNews published an article on a recent survey about consumer behaviour.

The main concept that stands out is that the average, passive consumer is not anymore a valid model. Consumers are classified not anymore on age, income, sex, race. Besides, consumers are now to be classified on the basis of their "behaviour" and lifestyle.

Secondlly,it has been pointed out is that, regardless of the consumer class, consumers are more something-conscious. They can be environmentally conscious, ethical conscious, and even consumer conscious: they know how to evaluate a product, how to gather more information, they do make comparative analyses on similar products.
They won't get lured anymore with just an ad. They want information, which has to be trusted, authoritative, personal.

Banners and text-ads are going to fade off? They wouldn't, at least in the short period. But an increasing need for 121 communication is needed, even on the WWW.
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