Monday, October 30, 2006

Newspapers and the information paths

Mark Evans gives an interesting advice on how to change the newspapers world business model. In a previous post, he highlights the 5 Ws about newspaper (curious as it is, I've used the same "trick" for my presentation at VON Europe 2006. It is dramatically true that information (the quickest and, therefore, raw) is changing its source-destination path: from the old paradigm of "newscaster to consumers", we are moving to the new one "consumers to consumers". It is sponsored and aided by the Web2.0 revolution (both technological and social aids are present), and it is a business model where the consumer is not anymore the payer.

What is happening is that the whole economics model we used to see (Consumer is the one who pays) is fading out. Well, it already changed years ago, but now it is the model that doesn't work over the Internet, at most.
Consumer is not anymore the direct source of revenues, and some levels of indirection must be taken into account when monetizing the business performance.

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