Friday, October 13, 2006

Pervasive Voice Over Web - it's happening

Our company vision is taking place. We are not anymore the lone pioneers of the Voice Over Web pervasivity. Since we demonstrated it's feasible, lots of attempts and experiments have taken place in the WWW. The most interesing so far are, beside our Abbeyphone VOW, Sightspeed for AMD (as quoted by Aswath) and Busta.
These services differentiate from the yet-another-SIP service provider in what is the application deployment and exploitation: the deployment is online, on the web, and the service usage experience happens in a pervasive way. The uibiquitous presence of various contact tools like "call me via web", "call by gadget, widget, extension, plugin...", "call me via myspace" and so on is the true sign of the need of getting in (better) contact.
Forums, blogs, newsgroups and the other offline/deferred communication mode need to converge on the voice part -whether it's just a voice message or a full audio-video communication, voice is still the easiest, and the most powerful communication tool that human beings can use to share ideas.

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