Monday, March 05, 2007

Digital Vs Analog POTS

Markus Göbel wrote an interesting article about the Minute Stealers affair.

Moreover, C|Net published a post about FCC ordering about interconnection agreements, which puts a rule on how businesses between "traditional" local telcos and wholesale (VoIP included) operators should be set up.

VoIP is being acknowledged as a mainstream technology and is undergoing regulations, somehow. The very moment this happens, some telcos are retaining the cheap long distance calls customers with a competitive service.

As previously stated, the minute stealer business is going to close early. Here's Luca Filigheddu post about digital pots

In my opinion, VoIP as a digital POTS will go on being a Big Telco's prerogative in the longer term, without any tangible and enduring business opportunity for other entities. The real value is: Web applications + VoIP + Presence. That's something really different and Big Telcos are still far from that business opportunity.

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