Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sitofono, as easy as it gets

As you already know, Sitofono is the Definitive Click 2 Call:
[Sitofono] is the easiest click-to-call service ever that any web site, professional, blog, e-commerce portal and so on can easily use to be called for FREE from their customers/website visitors.

Well, we've released an improved version, check out the main features below.

What's more in this release?

We've been working hard on several aspects: we've improved the user experience, we've extended browser support, and we've made it more accessible for the visually impaired .

Moreover, you can now put your visitor's phone number directly on the URL. This allows you to build new contact interfaces, doing something like this (I trust you can do much better :) ):
Your number:

Sitofono helpdesk hacking

Sitofono is a truly flexible service. It is web-based, and it is easily mashable with other services and applications.
For example, you can build a very personalized and interactive mass mailing newsletter, so that your users can contact you without even worrying of dialing their numbers. Just imagine that I own a fishing motel and I want to reward those old customers that bring a new customer. I can send an e-mail like this:

Dear %%NAME%% %%SURNAME%%,
we are happy to inform you that you have been entitled to a free weekend in our Baits Hotel! All you need to do is call us and book two rooms for the desired period. One room is free!

Kind Regards,
Mrs. A. Perkins
Baits Hotel Booking service

%%NAME%%, %%SURNAME%% and %%PHONE_NUMBER%% are filled with real values from my customer database (a simple spreadsheet)

Sitofono frequent callers

And, what about having a "top customer" addressbook at hand?
Just build a list of html links with your sitofono address and the phone number of your top customers, then click on the desired name and Sitofono will put your customer in contact with you: your customer will hear the introductory message from Sitofono and in few seconds he/she gets connected to your line.

That is to say, something like this:
Abbeynet main line
Abbeyphone helpdesk

The trick, unveiled

The correct syntax for this trick is this:


Comments and improvements

We never stop working on our products, so please drop me a line if you have any suggestions about improvements or new features you'd like to see in Sitofono, I'll be happy to discuss on it with you

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