Wednesday, October 10, 2007

TringMe - Another player in the click-to-call space

TechCrunch announced a week ago a new click-to-call service: TringMe. TringMe differentiates from other services because it adds more flexibility to the traditional "phone-phone" connection:

Callers can ditch their phone and call directly through their Flash widget to your mobile phone, landline, and GTalk (Yahoo and Skype coming soon). All they need is a microphone and one click

Hey, nice job. I haven't tried yet (there is some sort of answering machine) but I assume call quality is excellent and call setup time is nearly instantaneous, isn't it? How do you cope with network bandwidth limitations? After all, it's the consumer pipe the *real* problem: that's why Sitofono (as MyBlueZebra and Jajah) introduced the third party call control, just to avoid any problem with the consumer's crappy ADSL.

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