Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nokia on mobile advertising: next google?

Nokia announced recently on its forum developer network that two new mobile advertising services are available for developers.

Learn how to implement targeted mobile advertising

Programming for Nokia devices is changing the mediascape. Two new mobile advertising services are transforming the way people use their phones: Nokia Ad Service and Nokia Advertising Connector. Nokia Ad Service is a fully managed service for advertisers to conduct targeted advertising on mobile services and applications. It consists of a group of mobile publishers forming a mobile ad network and a platform to deploy, manage and optimize mobile advertising campaigns. The other service, Nokia Advertising Connector, accommodates third-party publishers and advertising aggregator companies that want to extend to relevant mobile advertising. Nokia Advertising Connector operates as an intelligent switch, selecting between text, visual, audio, and video ads — depending on the user's context — and feeding the ad to the device.

For more information, check the official nokia press releases

Is Nokia going to compete with Google in what has been the only steadily growing revenue stream after the dotcom bubble?

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