Thursday, August 09, 2007

MOSH - MObilize and SHare

Nokia is a great company that really works out the ways for connecting people.

Its last big news it the beta release of MOSH, Mobilize and Share, a brand new sharing platform that allows the user to share his/her images, sounds, video, and even mobile apps.

Following the tradition of programs we’ve hosted before within Forum Nokia, MOSH is a grand experiment for us: a platform that puts unprecedented power in the hands of mobile users. Regardless of your mobile device’s manufacturer or make, MOSH enables you to create, collect and share your content and applications in a community setting.

Unfortunately, my current Vodafone Italy plan "Your Internet in Your mobile" does not allow to navigate freely... Indeed, any login information is mangled by their web gateway.
Too bad for me :(

Update: the MOSH access now works well, but unfortunately I cannot upload directly from my mobile... Let's see!

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