Friday, August 10, 2007

Voicestar acquisition. A milestone for Click-to-Call

As already reported by Luca Filigheddu, TechCrunch reports the new deal between Marchex and VoiceStar.

This is good news, as it confirms and highlights, indirectly, the value proposition of our product Sitofono. Such an acquisition helps define the boundaries and the future road for competition in the Click-to-Call market, which is moving from niche to mass dimensions.

Luca explains the business model and the value of Click-to-Call when related to customer "capture":

If you are able to offer a way to “engage” those visitors and convert them into customers, you can set that value at a higher price. It’s a bargain for you (agency/adv company) and for the advertisers, which are leveraging the invested budget.

Advertisers can embed click-to-call into their banner ads, or put it right on the splash page of a banner campaign. It is easy to demonstrate that this will clearly increase the conversion rate of visitors into customers.

For more information on this matter, take a look at his post, it contains a list of his articles about Click-to-Call that are really worth reading.

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