Friday, December 22, 2006

Bug in Firefox VoIP

It seems like Abbeyphone VOW is doing something bad on web pages...

Updated: If you use Movable Type in Firefox, BEWARE of Abbeyphone! by ZDNet's Russell Shaw -- There's this voice over Web platform called Abbeyphone that, in the wrong set of circumstances, has potential to create havoc for some bloggers who use Movable Type via Firefox. I know this because I've had problems on a couple of blog sites. Problems like, right-hand margins getting blown out, and distorting both the post and [...]

Actually, our Firefox VoIP Extension is putting some garbage in nearly all the web pages which contain user numbers as user input: therefore, any application that contains a <textarea> tag may be affected by this bug.
Albeit the application is in beta version, this is the kind of bug that needs attention...

As Luca suggested, the current workaround is to untick "Highlight numbers" in your Abbeyphone for Firefox extension.
But the problem will be fixed in the next version, which is planned in the second half of January.

Stay tuned and:
Thanks for feedback, Russell!

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