Thursday, December 14, 2006

Forum Nokia on VoIP

Nokia is always a step ahead. As Luca already mentioned, Nokia has got a VoIP forum section.
VoIP is just a basic application that enhances the utility of their products, and which constitutes a starting point for a new breed of technologies. It is not just VoIP, which is a small tile in a more complex puzzle of product extension and derivations.

Given the latest acquisitions by Nokia (IntelliSync, Gate5, Loudeye),
I think they are preparing the world for a real mobile experience: nonetheless, nokia mobile products (hey, they are not phones, not anymore!!!) are earning a seamless stream of success and awards (and $$$bucks$$$), by giving the possibility of grabbing users experience and share it with their friends.

The WWW is going to be the platform on which mobile devices (NOKIA mobile devices) connect and live on.

Let me remind you an enlightening post by Ken Camp, "How big is the internet", his oversimplified-and-genial answer is: "The whole damn Internet fits in my shirt pocket. It’s that big".

Nokia is really connecting people.

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