Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hictu! Your ever-updated addressbook

Do you have an addressbook? Do you store it somewhere? What kind of data do you store on it?

Telephony addresses.
Snail mail addresses.
Name/Surname (it's a form of mnemonic addressing).

Do you like it to be updated regularly? That is to say, your friend Bob has changed his mobile phone number, so you have to change it.

Do you want it to be updated instantly? With the most useful and immediate means of communicating with your contact, when you live more than one third of your life online?

Well, your answer is Hictu!
My colleague Giacomo explains the main features and the scope of this stunningly innovative project.

What I miss:

  • A "widget" that allows a simple "add to my Hictu!" by clicking on a link

  • Some note-taking on my contacts, and some more space for contacts to describe themselves.

  • Tagging feature: everything was "stored in a folder/directory" but since the advent of tagging, everything is just put in the heap with a tag. A google-like search engine will do the rest, like my favourite bookmarking site

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