Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wengo looks for bloggers

Openwengo changes its name and starts a new project, called Wengovisio.
Wengovisio is targeted on bloggers that want to put a web-enabled device on their blog pages. Wengovisio puts your visitors in contact with your openwengo client, for free.

The Wengo philosophy is not new, for us. That's what we call VOW - Voice Over Web, a technology (and vision) which Abbeynet has built during the last year. I see a lot of points in common between Wengovisio and VOW.

VOW is the technology we used to build a Sitòfono, a targeted VOW application for the market segment represented by all the businesses with a website that struggle to capture customers.
Wengovisio is now targeted only on bloggers, but Sitòfono covers perfectly this market segment as well (althoug it doesn't feature video call).

I think that the one-to-one communication battle is starting, these days.

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