Thursday, September 27, 2007

FR33 53X

It seems that even VoIP services follow the fad of fiddle with product and brand names. Here are few examples of product names that were given birth as a pun or a similar sounding word>
  • Twitter was Twttr, internet ages ago, just recalling the "twitter" name
  • ICQ means I seek You
  • CUSeeme was See You See me
  • Italian chat program "C6" by meant "are you there?"

The last application, the mentioned VoIP application, is called 3CX Phone System (a free, upgradable software IP-PBX, check out the review from Luca Filigheddu ).
3 C X
Three See Ex
Free Sex
, to me.

Was it intentional or am I just too pervert to see free sex everywhere? ;-)

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