Friday, November 24, 2006

The blogosphere likes Sitofono

Luca is receiving lots of feedback about Sitofono: the experience of calling from a web page is one of a kind, and it is as simple as clicking on a link.

I am particularly happy for the praises from Andy Abramson, Ken Camp, Alec Saunders, and PhoneBoy, since they are the most influential and competent people in the VoIP world.

We are now working on this feedback and we've identified three areas of intervention:

  1. Usability: we are studying alternative interface designs that will convey a better user experience, both simpler and more interactive. You know, Donald Norman is our source of inspiration and spiritual guide :)

  2. Pervasiveness: i.e. improving usability for content publishers, we are identifying a shortlist of content delivery platforms that can be easily enhanced with a widget, a plugin or a component that pops up a Sitofono. Even e-mail signature creation has been automated for the sake of simplicity. If you have a preferred web publishing platform for which you need a Sitofono building wizard, just leave me a comment.
  3. Interoperability: services are spreading all over the world, we'll be making easier integration with a selected bunch of useful services -we'll disclose this list later :)
Just as a reminder, Sitofono is priced 499€ per year and can be linked to wireline phone numebers in a wide selection of countries (60 country codes), including Europe, USA and Hong Kong.

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