Monday, November 20, 2006

Yahoo Go! will be enhanced soon. Or will it not?

The news of a recent acquisition of Kenet Works by Yahoo! makes me think of a brand new version of Y!Go, a powerful -yet unripe- mobile communication platform that features Yahoo! e-mail, content publishing, calendar and lots of other interesting things into a mobile handset, i.e. my Nokia 6630.
As long as the Internet fits my pocket, I admit I like publishing content on the go (like the shots taken last weekend at JazzIn' Sardegna, the European Jazz Expo) and looking for information about a specific topic (like "what's the latest CD by Paolo Fresu?").
In addition to that, I like browsing the news feeds, and check my e-mail.
At present, I do nearly everything with Google reader, google search for mobile, gmail live, but I share my pictures with Flickr and use as a must-have tool.

What I miss right now is the opportunity to talk about these topics online, mobile. Is Kenet Works going to satisfy my needs?
Is Y!Messenger going to be strengthened by going mobile?

Is Yahoo! mobile going to make me churn?

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