Saturday, November 18, 2006

Google Maps and click-to-call service debut along with Sitofono free

Curious as it is, Google launches its google maps click-to-call service for free just the day of
Luca's announcement about giving free Sitofonos for 2 months
It's just another confirmation of where the business of advertisements and one-to-one communication will strengthen.
I haven't had the opportunity to try the service, because I don't live in U.S.:

We're providing the 'call' link as a free service to all businesses. These aren't ads and don't influence the ranking of businesses in the search results. We foot the bill for calls (local and long distance), but airtime fees or other mobile fees will still apply if you use a mobile phone number. Currently, the calling feature works if you live in the U.S. and are looking for a business located in the U.S.

I hope this service is going to be expanded to Europe and Italy, as well!
In the meanwhile, if you want to experience a similar technology but with a completely different business model you can apply for your free two-months period of
for your site and make your voice be heard on the silent web!
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