Thursday, November 09, 2006

Voice Over Web: great "followers" of the Vision

I am sure they already had this vision in mind, it was only matter of doing it at the right time and in the right place...
The Orkut community now GTalks, that is to say that the orkut community will be enabled with voice features.

We noticed that a lot of orkut users have been using a separate instant messaging program to chat, which just seems like unnecessary work -- clicking around, keeping separate buddy lists, etc. This is why we've built Google Talk into orkut, so you can see your friends' availability and chat with them more easily.

Another interesting point is that, as Skypecasting is coming to blogs soon, as Niklas Zennström just announced.
[...] Skype has had conversations with many social-networking sites about offering services that would allow users to "share content with each other in a conversation," [...]

Imran Ali gets into the voice over anything, which is becoming a new buzz, somehow, and cites a research paper really worth reading:

There are counterposing forces of course, as a paper from researchers at the University of Melbourne illustrates, embedding voice everywhere doesn’t always make for great user experiences.

I agree with this point of view, but I see that tools always need time to be learnt: a lot of communication experiences are now limited in media, tool, scenario. Every innovative tool need to be learnt on how to use it correctly.
Don't take that too seriously, but innovatie technology is like sex for adolescents: you know it's going to be a terrific experience but nobody told you how to do it.

What's really interesting is that we presented this vision at VON Europe, in Stockholm, and reinforced the VOW vision at the VON Italy two weeks ago.

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