Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Online advertising growth

[Notice: this post is true advertisement!]

As reported by Mark Evans, Online Advertising Rocking and Rising, there is a steep growth of business in the last year.

We are particularly happy with this: indeed Sitofono is a self-advertisement product that conveys a direct, one-to-one communication on the voice medium.
Luca just announced our promotional offer on "Sitofono the definitive click-to-call"

Sitofono is the right media enhancer for your site:
  • you don't need a complex infrastructure to install inside your company's premises: after you buy it, you get a link to put on your website, that's all;

  • your customers don't need to register to a VoIP service

  • you don't need to install any software on your PC to receive calls

  • you don't need to install a brand new VoIP phone on your desk to receive all the calls coming from Sitofono

  • you won't distinguish calls to your office phone/call center coming from Sitofono from calls coming from normal telephones

  • no variable costs

  • no need to be a VoIP expert to install it a get benefits from it

If you are a passionate blogger and you are interested in a free Sitofono for your blog, just ask Luca:

Abbeynet is going to offer "thirty" personal Sitofono to bloggers who would like to use it in their blogs or outgoing emails. FREE forever, of course ;-)
Again, if interested, please drop me a line .

In a pitch, Sitofono is the right tool that makes your online business be heard on the silent web.

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